Seneca V - Blog

Flight Plan – Equipment Suffixes

I’ve made a few changes to the PBN equipment suffixes that need to be entered in Item 18 of the flight plan. These changes were necessary to properly represent the Seneca V’s capabilities.

Holding Patterns

I’m finishing off some notes on flying holding patterns in the Seneca V. They include some very useful illustrations of the G1000 in action and several hints on how to make things easy for yourself.  So far,...

Use of Icing Equipment

I’ve added more guidance on the normal use of the Icing Equipment at the bottom of the Icing page. I hope you find it useful.

Principles of GPS

I’ve updated the GPS page and moved it to a new location under the heading Performance Based Navigation (PBN). Hope you like it.

Use of the Autopilot

I’ve changed the format of the Autopilot Test and Normal Use pages to make them more clearly readable on all formats of web browsers. Remember, it is a CAA requirement that you test all of the autopilot...


The new version of the QRH has been issued; please start using it straight away.  It makes all of the changes included in the Standards page, which I have now moved under the PA34 Tech menu,...

Landing Speed

The indicated airspeed at threshold (Vat) is defined by EASA  (at GM6 NCO.OP.110) as equal to the stall speed (Vso) multiplied by 1.3 or where published, the (1g) stall speed (Vslg) multiplied by 1.23 in the landing configuration...

Standard Routes

I’ve added a warning to the Standard Routes page to remind everyone that these routes are only standard for the training phase; on the actual IR test the CAA examiner may ask you to fly a...