IRT Feedback

IRT Debrief Digest – September 2023

This is a collection of debrief points that Captain Steve Oddy, a senior CAA examiner, has written that candidates for the initial IR exam should read.

Steve’s notes are written for all candidates, regardless of aircraft type that they fly, but with his approval, I have added some comments in red that are relevant to pilots flying the Seneca V equipped with Garmin 1000. Steve points out that there is still little news from the CAA about how the introduction of all forms of GNSS approach will change the IRT format, so although he’s used ‘2-D’ and ‘3-D’ approach terminology, he’s still unsure of the final outcome of this advance.

Listed under the Test Sections to which they have most relevance, many of the points read across to a number of Sections.

Whilst compliance with all of these points will not guarantee success in the IRT, doing so will go a long way towards helping produce a ‘practical, safe and expeditious passenger flight’.