RT Test

The purpose of these notes is to assist candidates to prepare for the R/T Practical Examination. It is not intended to replace the CAP 413 publication which remains as the definitive document and should be thoroughly and fully studied prior to attempting the test.

Another important resource is CAP 774 – UK Flight Information Services. This is an extremely useful document and defines a Basic Service, Traffic Service, De-confliction Service and a Procedural Service – all of which you will need to fully understand when operating in Class G airspace.

See also the CAA’s R/T Safety Sense Leaflets No. 22d and 8f.

The CAA R/T Supplement to CAP413 has been withdrawn because it was not up to date with recent changes to CAP 413.

Finally, as a learning aid, print the RT Question Paper and complete it with reference to the documents above. Give it to your FI when complete, and he/she will de-brief you on it prior to entering you for the RT examination. Good luck.