RT Test

Guidance for candidates about to sit the Flight Radio Transmission Operators Licence (FRTOL) examination may be found in CAP 2325 issued by the UK CAA.

The purpose of these notes is to assist candidates to prepare for the R/T Practical Examination. It is not intended to replace the CAP 413 publication which remains as the definitive document and should be thoroughly and fully studied prior to attempting the test.

Training, which must be recorded on CAA form SRG 1171, is required before sitting the practical examination. Completion of this form is mandatory and it is to be declared to the FRTOL Examiner prior to the FRTOL practical test.

Another important resource is CAP 774 – UK Flight Information Services. This is an extremely useful document and defines ATC services available outside of controlled airspace –  Basic Service, Traffic Service, De-confliction Service and Procedural Service – all of which you will need to fully understand when operating in Class G airspace.

See also the CAA’s R/T Safety Sense Leaflets No. 22d and 8f.