Garmin 1000

At the heart of the Seneca V, the G1000 is an up to date and sophisticated Electronic Flight Instrument System. The operational software loaded on each aircraft is Version 1578 and it is important that this is verified on the MFD startup page when it boots up – especially after the aircraft has been serviced.

The Cockpit Reference Guide should be available in the aircraft during flight and the Pilot’s Guide is available for deeper study if required. Both can be downloaded at the Garmin Support Website. However, they are quite large documents and may take a while to download, so they are provided on the Documents page for easy reference.

These documents cover all possible configurations of the G1000, but not all of the systems are installed on our Seneca Vs. This is the system diagram relevant to our aircraft:

Seneca V G1000 SystemMore detail on the systems are published here: