Category: Announcements

Antenna Locations

After several requests, I’ve included a diagram that indicates the antenna locations on the PA34-220T aircraft.

L/VNAV Video

I have just added a short video of an L/VNAV approach to demonstrate how the Vertical Deviation Limit Indicators function.

RNP Approaches

I’ve just updated several pages to reflect recent developments. Firstly, “RNAV” approaches are now being renamed “RNP” approaches. More importantly, the CAA have now lifted their objections to the use of SBAS during LNAV/VNAV approaches. This...

Renamed Departure Waypoint

The DEPARTURE chart from Oxford was amended on 23 May 2019. From that date, the waypoint BAMBO has been renamed BUGUP and this should be used for all departures routing to the south and west. Our...

Asymmetric Control Methods

During the initial asymmetric lessons, you should have been taught the following methods for controlling the aircraft: Power If an engine fails on one side, the thrust can be balanced by removing an equal amount of...

Autopilot Test

I’ve modified the Autopilot test procedure to add a test of the Flight Director mode.

LPV Training

For those interested in Performance Based Navigation and RNP APCH  operations, a very useful official training package may be found at the following website: RNP APCH down to LPV minima It covers the theoretical knowledge syllabus...

Flight Plan – Equipment Suffixes

I’ve made a few changes to the PBN equipment suffixes that need to be entered in Item 18 of the flight plan. These changes were necessary to properly represent the Seneca V’s capabilities.