Landing Speed

The indicated airspeed at threshold (Vat) is defined by EASA  (at GM6 NCO.OP.110) as equal to the stall speed (Vso) multiplied by 1.3 or where published, the (1g) stall speed (Vslg) multiplied by 1.23 in the landing configuration at the maximum certified landing mass. If both Vso and Vslg are available, the higher resulting Vat should be used.

It has therefore been decided that 82 kts IAS should be used as the Vat for landings with the flaps set at 10 degrees or greater.  For flapless landings, 5 kts should be added.

Also remember that, in gusty wind conditions, half of the gust factor should be added to Vat.  For example, if the wind is reported as 200/15 gusting 25, half of the gust factor is 5 kts.

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