Notes on the route to Hawarden.

After departure, consider requesting a direct routing to IXURA as this can save 5 minutes on an otherwise long flight.

The airways frequencies that you can expect en-route to Hawarden are as follows:

London 121.030
London 130.925
Scottish 134.430
Scottish 128.055
Liverpool 119.855

Expect a KEGUN2B arrival at Hawarden, so make sure that you enter that procedure into the GPS flight plan after engine start  and have the STAR chart available as you approach Trent (TNT).

Be prepared to enter the hold at KEGUN if instructed by ATC. That hold is based on the Wallasey (WAL) VOR/DME, so it is a good idea to have that pre-selected for use at short notice if required.

Remember that Hawarden is located beneath Class A airspace that starts at 3000ft and extends to 10nm south of the airfield, so it is a good idea to request an IFR departure so that you are allocated a coordinated level.

Leaving Hawarden, initially route towards Welshpool (WPL) which is a busy, uncontrolled, general-aviation airfield with an ATZ. The safety altitude south-west of Hawarden requires a transit at an altitude of least 4000ft.¬† When leaving Hawarden’s radar coverage, switch to London Information on 124.750/124.600 to receive a Basic Service.

When 10nm short of Welshpool, route direct to OX and adjust to FL50.